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Understanding Child Custody in Kentucky

Child support and child support in Kentucky are often the most complicated and contested issues during a divorce. Parties vehemently and passionately fight for what they believe is the best arrangement for their child. Both the mother and the father come before the court equally without any presumption in favor of the mother or the father. Child custody in Kentucky is decided by the court based on what is in the best interest of the child — not what the parents allege is the best custody arrangement. How is Child Custody in Kentucky Defined? Understanding how child custody in Kentucky is defined can help parents as they deal with the emotions and frustration associated with custody disputes. Sometimes knowing what the terminology means can help with the uneasiness and anxiety about what is going to happen. Below are common terms used in a child custody case in Kentucky. Child Custody – Child custody refers to the responsibilities and rights of a parent in child rearing. Physical C


Shared Custody: Important Considerations When Drafting a Successful Parenting Plan

Divorce is an emotional and difficult process for couples to go through; however, it is often much more difficult for their children. Many studies show that a child who has both parents playing an active role in the child’s life does better in school, has better self-esteem, and has better emotional health compared to children whose parents are not active participants in their lives. Kentucky child custody laws specifically state that custody will be determined in the “best interests of the child” with equal consideration given to both parents. Because situations exist where it is not in the best interest of the child to have both parents in his or her life (i.e. physical abuse, drug abuse, etc.), the family courts will always view the child’s best interest as the overriding factor in deciding child custody cases in Kentucky regardless of whether the parents are seeking joint, sole, or shared custody. What is Shared Custody in Kentucky? Kentucky courts may grant one parent sol