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5 Big Divorce Mistakes

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What Are The Benefits Of Mediation in a Divorce?

It is never easy to go through a divorce even when you are amicable with your soon to be ex-spouse. Ending a marriage is difficult in any situation. Emotions can cause parties that would normally be able to discuss issues in a calm, rational matter not to be able to be in the same room with each other. Unfortunately, when parties simply cannot agree on the issues of a divorce, litigation is the alternative that most couples choose to settle their differences. Litigation can be costly and time-consuming. A more cost-effective and efficient way of resolving their issues may be through mediation. What is Mediation? Mediation is an informal process whereby a neutral third party facilities discussions between the parties in hopes of resolving the issues in an amicable manner. The mediator does not have decision-making power because the parties are in control of the outcome. The mediator is there to help the parties identify issues, foster productive communication between the parties, and